Welcome to Seihae – where every stitch narrates a tale, and every piece is a celebration of the world. Explore. Evolve. Express. Seihae - Unleashing Fashion's Boundless Charm.

Founded by Priya Singh, Seihae reflects her vision to address the lack of diversity in the fashion industry. Through Seihae, Priya strives to build bridges between cultures, creating a space where everyone is encouraged to embrace their unique identity.

Discover Seihae, where fashion becomes a tapestry of cultures, seamlessly blending stories that know no boundaries. Our name, Seihae, is a symphony of the Korean word "세" ('se' for 'world') and the Hindi word "है" ('hai' for 'is'). This blend signifies our belief that the world is a canvas of celebration, and Seihae is here to craft that celebration of diversity.

Our journey originates from the conviction that fashion is a language universal to all, transcending barriers and inviting everyone to express themselves freely. Seihae isn't merely a brand; it's a platform where individuality is honored.

At our core is the philosophy that fashion connects people, offering a space for self-expression and a global outlook. Seihae's unique style seamlessly fuses the dynamic trends of South Korea with the rich heritage of India. "세" embodies limitless possibilities, and "है" signifies that fashion "is" an integral part of our lives, crossing all borders.

Seihae's mission is to inspire individuals to explore, evolve, and express themselves through fashion. We empower people to be bold, confident, and unapologetically unique.

Choosing Seihae means choosing to celebrate the world's diversity and the infinite possibilities it presents. Every garment is a chance to tell your story, make a statement, and show that fashion can unite the world.

Contact us at priya@seihae.com